What an amazing feeling to have our annual scholarship/laptop luncheon presentation with some (not all) of the high school students and their families! As always, our scholarship committee had a very difficult decision to make but we are happy to announce the winners. Congratulations to you all and wish you the best in the years to come!
Scholarship Winners
• Donovan: Ava Cahill
• OCVTS: Hannah Poulos
• TRN: Amanda Brodsky
• TRN: Yadira Martinez
• TRE: Payton Moroney (not pictured)
• TRS: Bernice Amankwah (not pictured)
• TRE: Richard Daly and Julia Greco (not pictured)
• TRS: Berncie Amankwah, Sebastian Amaro and Brenda Vargas (not pictured)
• TRN: Danielle Marzella, Shirley Omari-Kwarteng and Vanessa Serrano (not pictured)