Our annual scholarship/laptop luncheon presentation was a little different this year but we are still very proud of all the high school recipients. As always, our scholarship committee had a very difficult decision to make but we are happy to announce the winners. Congratulations to you all and wish you the best in the years to come!

TR HS South
• Mariana Tecalero
• Freda OseI
• Christiana Ntim

TR HS North
• Yuenig Huang
• Rose Serrano
• Erika Likey

TR HS East
• Ryan Gass
• Devontay Hryc
• Mackenzie Rouse

Scholarship Winners
• Donovan: Anthony Steed
• TRE: Kira Soricelli
• TRN: Michael Ardise
• TRS: Christiana Ntim
• VOC: Jeniffer Herrera 

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