Our favorite time of the year is here… our annual scholarship/laptop luncheon presentation! Today, we were honored to present $15,000 between scholarships and laptops to deserving students for their college education. As always, our scholarship committee had a very difficult decision to make but we are happy to announce the winners. Congratulations to you all and wish you the best in the years to come!
Laptop Winners:
• TRHSN: Taniyah Watson
• TRHSN: Arianah Davis
• TRHSS: Chloe Seluchins
• TRHSS: Sequoia Bivins
• TRHSE: Cruz Chacon
• TRHSE: Neveah Rondon
Scholarship Winners:
• TRHSN: Rutva Shah
• TRHSS: Chloe Seluchins
• TRHSE: Michael Picaroni
• Donovan: Olivia Lechner
• VOC: Nicholas Tasker
Special shout out to everyone who supports us throughout the year. We certainly wouldn’t be able to help these students or our community without you! ❤️