We are happy to support member Pamela Kuhn. with her new non-profit "Science Research for All". Their mission is to promote original science research in the high school curriculum through teacher in-service training.
In an increasingly technological nation, U.S. schools seem unable to fill a void created by the need for scientists and engineers. Studies indicate a strong correlation between original research experiences and increased student enthusiasm, increased propensity to pursue science courses, and participation in long-term STEM careers. Toms River schools are lucky to have this program already in place in their schools. You will probably remember all the students that come to talk to us through the years about research they have done in school. However, this is not the norm.
Schools in our country do not provide science research for their students. Science Research for All wants to place a science research program in any high school desiring to promote opportunities for interested students, regardless of their academic level.
Such a great initiative!